Sunday, September 3rd • 7pm & 9:30pm • $30
Joe Louis Walker, a Blues Hall of Fame inductee and four-time Blues Music Award winner celebrates a career that exceeds a half a century. His new album Everybody Wants A Piece cements his legacy as a prolific torchbearer for the blues. Looking back on his rich history, Walker shares, “I’d like to be known for the credibility of a lifetime of being true to my music and the blues. Sometimes I feel I’ve learned more from my failures, than from my success. But that’s made me stronger and more adventurous. And helped me create my own style. I’d like to think that when someone puts on one of my records they would know from the first notes, ‘That’s Joe Louis Walker.'”
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Friday, September 8th • 7:30pm & 10pm • $24
Saturday, September 9th • 7pm & 9:30pm • $24
Wayne Baker Brooks serves notice of a new powerful force at play in the music world. Combining outstanding song craft, passionate vocals, and a liquid fire guitar style, this talented artist manages to honor his rich Blues heritage while effortlessly expanding the boundaries of the genre. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Wayne Baker Brooks Blues roots may run deeper and wider than the Great Lake Michigan itself, but this truly innovating artist knows no creative boundaries.
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Friday, September 22nd • 7:30pm & 10pm • $30
Saturday, September 23rd • 7pm & 9:30pm • $30
Phantom Blues Band is the two time Grammy Award winning group internationally known for their work as TaJ Mahal’s backup band. Together and separately, these six men have contributed to Blues and Rock and Roll musical history as session players and sidemen with scores of artists including Taj Mahal, Joe Cocker, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Little Feat, Jimi Hendrix, John Fogerty, Elton John, Leon Russell, Gregg Allman, Ziggy Marley, and The Rolling Stones. Phantom Blues Band explores everything from Texas Blues to Memphis Soul with an injection of Jamaican R&B for good measure.
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Thursday, October 19th• 7:30pm & 9:30pm • $20
Friday, October 20th • 7:30pm & 10pm • $24
The Reverend Shawn Amos is a Los Angeles-based, chart-topping bluesman ready to turn any venue into a 1960s’ Chicago blues club. His foot-stomping, harp-wailing performances, like tent revivals of yore, energize the faithful, and convert the wayward to the Rev’s message of booty-shakin’, deep joyful blues. The Rev came up in 1970s Los Angeles, at the feet of musical legends like Marvin Gaye and Quincy Jones, as well as all manner of Hollywood street folk. The son of music agent-turned entrepreneur, Wally “Famous” Amos, and R&B nightclub singer, Shirlee May, Shawn found music early, and has worked within it his entire life.
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Saturday, October 28th • 7pm & 9:30pm • $30
John Lee Hooker Jr., grew up in Detroit, Michigan as the son of one of the greatest blues and Legendary music icons in the world, the late and the great John Lee Hooker (1971-2001). He is a musical artist who has received multiple awards ranging from The California Music Award for Best Traditional Artist in 2004, The esteemed W.C Handy Award in 2004, and the Bay Area Music Chapter for Come Back Artist of the Year. The younger Hooker's musical style is markedly modernized, featuring contemporary arrangements with a funky big horn sound with elements of funky Gospel, with ingredients of a Johnny "Guitar" Watson sound, with a James Brown feel, and some John Lee Hooker Sr. Boogie Beat, and also with his Daddy's work ethic, "Give the People what they want."
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