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Cafe R&B
Saturday, June 22nd • 7pm & 9:30pm • $24

They are considered one of the most exciting live acts in the Blues genre, and beyond. The Cafe R&B sound is firmly rooted in electric Blues, but theirs is a tapestry of Blues, Rock, Jazz, R&B, and Americana.  Hailing from Los Angeles Cafe R&B features the raging female vocalist "Roach" and the blazing lead guitar of Byl Carruthers. They have a large cult following in the US and Europe. They have released 3 Critically acclaimed Albums, and their fourth disc: “American Music” was released in May 2013. 

"Imagine Etta James riding a Harley out of an active volcano, and you'll have some vague inkling as to the vocal power emanating from 'Roach', the front woman of L.A. blues and groove unit Cafe R&B. But don't take our word for it; the group has earned raves from the likes of Ike Turner and Buddy Guy, who've seen a few blues acts in their day... Roach has found the perfect musical counterpoint in the scorching leads of Byl Carruthers, and the ultra -phat organ and piano work of Harry Cohen." -HITS Magazine

"Knocked me on my butt. I ain't seen shit like that since me and you-know-who" - Ike Turner

The title of their new album says it all: “American Music” -performed in a manner that must be seen to be believed. Critics have used a great many adjectives to describe the experience of witnessing Roach and CAFE R&B, whether it be at a Club, Theater, or Festival. 

As Blues Historian Dick Shurman put it, “You will never forget the first time you see CAFE R&B”

“The columnist sheepishly admits that he finally made it to check out the commotion over this L.A. group CAFÉ R&B, and was suitably bowled over. Their growing legion of fans  are not wrong. Here we have a band of no uncertain firepower, expert at old-school groove maintenance. At the 
epicenter is a hot-veined, power-lunged soul-singer who goes by the name of “Roach”, who finished last night’s set in a fit of cathartic accelerando.”

"Ferocious Soul Stew. When lead singer Roach hits fever pitch, or sinks to a conspiratorial coo over the funk-happy chassis of her band, the world goes away…"

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