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Finals of 43rd Annual San Francisco Stand-Up Comedy Competition
Hosted by Past Finalist Tommy Lama
Sunday, September 30th • 7:30pm • $25 GA / $40 VIP Seating

It all comes down to this show after which the 2018 winner will be announced, joining the ranks of alumni like Dana Carvey, Ellen DeGeneres, Marc Maron, Patton Oswalt, Rory Shovel, Sinbad and Jimmy O. Yang. These five finalists have sharpened their acts to a razor's edge as they survived elimination performances during a month-long tour throughout Northern California. $5,000 and eternal glory will go to this year's champ.

MASTER HEALER TOMMY LAMA was born into harsh circumstances that would have doomed a lesser man. Tommy grew up in Brooklyn, a traditional community where people help people beat up other people. A place rich in cultures - mostly salmonella. 

Tommy worked as a pest control technician while putting himself through law school until, a fateful evening he accidentally inhaled pesticide while trapped in a collapsing basement of a mini-mart. An event which changed his perspective and brain chemistry. As Tommy snapped into consciousness, he interpreted this event as a message from the universe to cleanse his Karma in order to make it into the next life. Fueled by his desire to make a difference, Tommy enlisted in the U.S.M.C summer program, where he was denied a purple heart despite nearly dying of exhaustion while still in boot camp.  

Undeterred by his failure, he began a lifelong vision quest and found himself by traveling to the four corners of Google Earth. It was on this journey ​that ​he began using his powers for good. He took on the name given to him by his teacher, the great Maharaji Yamaha Suzuki Toyota, the Tommy ​Lama. After disseminating his message in comedy clubs, he became the back-to-​back winner of the Boston and Seattle comedy competitions, appeared on the Bob and Tom Show, National Lampoon's Man Up Stand Up, and in commercials for Adidas, and Lowe's.

A session with Tommy will change your life. Hate your job? I can show you how to get fired. Need to quit smoking? I will help you find an addiction better suited to your horoscope. Inadequate lover? I will help provide your wife with what she requires.

 Who knows who might show up? 

Produced by Anne and Jon fox, this iconic local event has been credited with helping discover the likes of Louis C.K., Ellen DeGeneres, Mark Maron, Patton Oswalt and, of course, the late Robin Williams. Each of the five finalists will offer up their very best 12 to 15 set. They will be judged in the areas of material, stage presence, delivery and technique. The audience will play an important role in determining an all-important "Encore Point."

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