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Look in any book on the h istory of Rock and Roll and you will find Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen. The band’s name was inspired by 1950’s film serials featuring the character Kommando Kody and from a feature version of an earlier serial, King of the Rocket Men, released under the title Lost Planet Airmen. The band’s founder and leader, George Frayne, took the stage name Commander Cody. Artist, musician, and pioneering band leader Command er Cody helped invent a whole new style of music during the early 1970 ’ s, a period regarded as the height of rock innovation.

Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen were one of the original groups to fuse divergent strains of American roots music — strip ped - down basic rock and roll, rhythm and blues, jazz, bop, country, western swing, and rockabilly — and create an innovative, yet familiar and convincing sound. Along with retro - revisionist bands like the Byrds, the Eagles, and Poco, for whom the Airmen la id the groundwork, Cody and his crew played country - rock. The Airmen preferred a no - frills, back - to - basics approach and are best remembered for their biggest hit, “Hot Rod Lincoln,” a high - octane tribute to the legends of rock music, as well as a string of now - classic albums.

Among many other achievements,this eight piece super band’s album Deep in the Heart of T exas is one of Rolling Stone M agazine’s top 100 albums of all time. The original band members recorded seven (7) albums together, generating a legion of fans worldwide until the band finally broke up and each member went his separate way in 1977.

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