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Elvin Bishop's Big Fun Trio
Saturday, December 22nd • 7pm & 9:30pm • $50

Elvin Bishop's Big Fun Trio is his new and exciting incarnation of the Blues! Taking the big & elaborate signature Elvin Bishop sound we've all come to love and enjoy, he'll be bringing it down a notch to a humble and intimate show. The energy will be palpable, but still full throttle in a whole new way. This fantastic new trio comprised of the Legendary Elvin Bishop, Elvin's Bass Guitarist Bob Welsh Jr. and Bay Area Drummer Willy Jordan are sure to make for a perfect night with a wonderful amalgam of the Blues. Tickets for this one of a kind show will sell out fast!

A lot has happened since guitar legend Elvin Bishop released his last album, 2014’s Grammy-nominated Can’t Even Do Wrong Right. He was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, and soon after into the Blues Hall Of Fame. He won the Living Blues Award for Best Blues Album Of 2014 and three 2014 Blues Music Awards: Album Of The Year, Song Of The Year (for the title track) and The Elvin Bishop Band took the award for Band Of The Year.

Now, Elvin—along with his friends, guitarist/pianist Bob Welsh and percussionist/vocalist Willy Jordan—launches The Big Fun Trio. Preparing for one of the first live gigs with his new trio, Bishop told The San Jose Mercury News, “Every time I pick up the guitar, something new comes out of it. I guess you’d call me a late bloomer. When you get to be my age, you’re not expecting to be progressing or coming up with any new ideas, but for some reason, I’m lucky enough that that’s what’s happening to me.” His new album—Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio—is among his very best musical ideas ever. The music is rootsy, spirited and soulful, performed by serious musicians hell-bent on having a good time. Prior to the group recording a single lick, A Prairie Home Companion brought them onto the program in November 2015.

Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio features Bishop’s down-home delivery, deep blues picking and slide guitar, playfully meshing with Welsh’s piano and guitar licks and Jordan’s soul singing and propulsive cajón playing. The album’s laidback, front-porch vibe mixes four rollicking Bishop originals with three co-writes and five raucous, well-chosen covers. And because one can never have too much fun, Bishop’s pals Kim Wilson, Charlie Musselwhite and Rick Estrin stop by the sessions, each adding his distinctive harmonica talent (and in Musselwhite’s case, vocals too) to a song. Listening to the proceedings, it’s easy to see why the Chicago Sun-Times enthusiastically declared, “It’s impossible not to like Bishop. He’s always singing something lowbrow and uplifting.”

“Deceptively loose but always tight…the raspy chuckle in Bishop’s singing and the sharp sting of his guitar are forceful and fresh, enduring and fun.” –Fresh Air, NPR

“I love these guys; Bob and Willy are great musicians. With a trio there’s no place to hide— you’ve got to be pourin’ everything you got right out front, totally goin’ for it all the time. If you’ve got some real good musicians who are willing and able to do that, you’ve got something that will move people. And it’s fun!” –Elvin Bishop

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