Thursday, January 18th • 7:30pm & 9:30pm • $22
Friday, January 19th • 7:30pm & 10pm • $24
Guy King’s music is fresh and unique while maintaining a strong link to the musical masters that came before him. His natural musical abilities and his one of a kind blend of Blues, Jazz, Soul, and R&B, are some of what makes Guy King so special in the music world.
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Sunday, January 21st • 7pm & 9:30pm • $30
The old Willie Dixon adage, “blues is truth,” perfectly describes the searing, contemporary blues-rock of world-renowned guitarist and vocalist Coco Montoya. Taught by the “Master of the Telecaster,” Albert Collins, but with a hard-edged sound and style all his own, Montoya mixes his forceful, melodic guitar playing and passionate vocals with memorable songs, delivering the blues’ hardest truths.
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Thursday, January 25th • 7:30pm & 9:30pm • $30
Salgado's exceptional range and muscular, soulful vocals showcases powerful and inspirational R&B. With a career spanning forty years, award-winning soul, blues and R&B vocalist/harmonicist/songwriter Curtis Salgado is a one-of-a-kind talent whose music is as compelling as his story.
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Friday, January 26th • 7:30pm & 10pm • $30
Saturday, January 27th • 7pm & 9:30pm • $30
Calling Earl Thomas a “blues singer” is kind of like saying Coltrane was a saxophonist. Or if you want a more musically relevant analogy, it’s like labeling B.B. King a guitar player. You can’t accurately describe such artists using this sort of limited vocabulary or myopic frame of reference. Each defies categorization because they’re able to transcend their instrument. 
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Thursday, February 1st • 7:30pm & 9:30pm • $22
Friday, February 2nd • 7:30pm & 10pm • $24
Seen live, Armstrong has a confident stage presence that combines grace with mischief. Few blues artists know how to play the crowd as James can, shifting dynamics from a whisper to a growl. Wherever he travels around the world his magnetism continues to hush a noisy rabble or entice a crowd to follow him out into the street or down the length of a beach. Little wonder he’s been dubbed: The Ambassador of the Blues.
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Saturday, February 3rd • 7pm & 9:30pm • $24
"Imagine Etta James riding a Harley out of an active volcano, and you'll have some vague inkling as to the vocal power emanating from 'Roach', the front woman of L.A. blues and groove unit Cafe R&B. But don't take our word for it; the group has earned raves from the likes of Ike Turner and Buddy Guy, who've seen a few blues acts in their day... Roach has found the perfect musical counterpoint in the scorching leads of Byl Carruthers, and the ultra -phat organ and piano work of Harry Cohen." -HITS Magazine
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Friday, February 9th • 7:30pm & 10pm • $24
Over the past 10 years, Seth Walker has become recognized as one of the most revered modern roots artists in the United States; a three dimensional talent comprised by a gift for combining melody and lyric alongside a rich, Gospel-drenched, Southern-inflected voice with a true blue knack for getting around on the guitar.
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