HOT ROUX is a fresh, energetic original band with a sound and genre all their own. A nice sized portion of Lou’sianna blues meets swampy rock n’roll. Well seasoned drummer and lead singer Jerry McWorter has penned all their original tunes along with bassist and vocalist Brent Harding. HOT ROUX features equally powerful guitar work of Ed Berghoff and/or Kyle Jester. Both players have a unique stamp of originality and style.

Hot Roux hails from Ventura, CA, and has been a local favorite for the last several years. The band meets the expectations of its moniker: a roux is a tasty sauce made of flour and butter, and these musicians serves up a tangy smorgasbord of tunes ranging from straight blues to rockabilly to swampy Cajun flavor.

The trio has provided a strong groovin’ rhythm section in support of the Santa Barbara Blues Society backing such famed blues performers as Kenny Neal, Kim Wilson, James Harman, guitarist Albert Lee and more, as well as performed at festivals and venues nationwide.

HOT ROUX is always rooted in rhythm and harmony. Whether toe tapping or all out dancing they’re guaranteed to make your feet move!

Hot Roux “nails it” with an authenticity that could only come from the deepest regions of the heart, smothered in passion and power. This band delivers Americana, or roots music, in an old-school tradition but with a modern flair. It doesn’t get any better than this.”
~ Bill Wilson, Reflections In Blue

“Good rockin’ blues from a fine cast of players for sure, we encourage all fans to get ya a little taste of a good, Hot Roux.”
~ Sheryl & Don Crow, Nashville Blues Society.

“There’s nothing over-the-top here. Hot Roux cooks, but stays out of your face and in total control as it delivers solid music from one song to the next.“
~ Marty Gunther, Blues Blast Magazine

“Since your ears can’t be everywhere at once, you might think this is a band that popped out of nowhere but these swamp rockers have been around, have played with a lot of the best and know how to put everything aside and be great entertainers without falling into jive ass clichés.”
~ Chris Spector, Midwest Records