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RCHp Band Photo
Friday, April 5th • 7:30pm & 10pm • $30
In tribute to the genius of Ray Charles, a swinging sextet of outstanding Bay Area musicians offers their take on some of the highlights from Ray’s amazing songbook. A band of prominent musicians is perpetuating that legacy and bringing his music to San Francisco. The band is a meeting of elite jazz and blues musicians including 11-time GRAMMY® Award winner and Santana vocalist Tony Lindsay & noted Bay Area guitarist Chris Cain. A talent-packed rhythm section will back them, including Hammond B-3 player Jim Pugh, bassist DeWayne Pate and drummer Deszon Claiborne.
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David Gerald Band Photo
Wednesday, April 10th • 7:30pm & 9:30pm • $20
David Gerald, the son of Rural Mississippi born and raised parents, grew up to the sounds of the blues and R&B music in his hometown, Detroit. He's the youngest of 11 children, 6 of whom were born and partly raised in Mississippi. "Because segregation and racial discrimination were so bad in Mississippi at the time, my dad moved the family north to Detroit when he was 33, so we'd have a better chance at the American dream.
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Shane Band Photo
Thursday, April 11th • 7:30pm & 9:30pm • $20
Critically acclaimed blues maverick, Shane Dwight, will perk up your ears after the first chord of No One Loves Me Better out on Red Parlor Records out on April 5, 2019. This esteemed independent label has long been a champion of music’s best songwriters. This new collection of songs are some of his most personal yet– gut-wrenching, bone-chilling, and heartbreaking to date. The story of a man finding love, committing a crime and wanting redemption runs deep in Shane’s songs.
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Guy King Band Photo
Friday, April 12th • 7:30pm & 10pm • $24
Saturday, April 13th • 7pm & 9:30pm • $24
Guy King’s music is fresh and unique while maintaining a strong link to the musical masters that came before him. His natural musical abilities and his one of a kind blend of Blues, Jazz, Soul, and R&B, are some of what makes Guy King so special in the music world. “Although this King doesn’t share bloodline with B.B. or Albert, Guy’s crisp, clean, clear guitar surely does. Guy King is the velvet hurricane.” – Dennis Rozanski, Baltimore BluesRag
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Commander Band Photo
Friday, April 19th • 7:30pm & 10pm • $24
Look in any book on the h istory of Rock and Roll and you will find Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen. The band’s name was inspired by 1950’s film serials featuring the character Kommando Kody and from a feature version of an earlier serial, King of the Rocket Men, released under the title Lost Planet Airmen. The band’s founder and leader, George Frayne, took the stage name Commander Cody. Artist, musician, and pioneering band leader Command er Cody helped invent a whole new style of music during the early 1970 ’ s, a period regarded as the height of rock innovation.
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Watermelon Slim Band Photo
Saturday, April 20th • 7:00pm & 9:30pm • $24
Chris Cain's jazz-tinged, blues soaked guitar and deep, warm vocals have the maturity and authenticity of bluesmen many years his senior. His expressive style is the result of a lifetime of study and the relentless pursuit of music mastery. His passion and intensity are a blend of his mother's Greek ancestry and his father's soulful black heritage.
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