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Lee Rocker made his mark singing, playing, standing on, spinning and rocking his giant upright bass in the legendary music group The Stray Cats. Grammy-nominated, The Stray Cats have sold nearly 10 million albums and garnered an astounding 23 gold and platinum certified records worldwide. Founded by Rocker, Brian Setzer, and Slim Jim Phantom, The Stray Cats remain a radio staple, were music video pioneers at the infancy of MTV, and repeatedly brought rockabilly music to the top of the charts.

2012 kicks into high gear with the release of "Night Train to Memphis" a disc of classic rockabilly done like only Lee Rocker can. Here's Lee's thoughts about his newest recording in his own words.

"Night Train to Memphis" is a record that i've wanted to make for a very long time, and like an album spinning on a turntable at 33 and a 3rd rpm's, this is my 33rd year of playing music. "Night Train to Memphis" is the soundtrack of my life. These songs are tattoo'd on my soul. Rockabilly music grabbed this kid from New York, and shook me, spun me round and rattled my brains. I was never the same again.

The songs on "Night Train to Memphis" are classic's from the early days of rock with the "Stray Cat, Lee Rocker" stamp on them. I recorded this disc in a similar way as they did back at Sun Studio, the birthplace of rockabilly, relying on spirit, energy and passion, not on studio tricks and gimmicks. "Night Train to Memphis" takes me right where I want to be, and where I've always been happiest. Get on board!

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