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We will be closed through Nov. 14th due to the unfortunate flooding caused by our neighbor.

As of now (9/6) there have been no further developments in our trial against Jack in the box. We must wait patiently for due process and decisions from the court system to be made. While it's not the best result, we know that everything will come full circle and we will back up in no time!

As we wait patiently for the tides to change; we wanted to let you know that we appreciate all the love and support you have all shown us over the past few months. In all honestly, it gives us hope and a light at the end of the tunnel.

We yearn for the day we can introduce a new band on our stage and let them take the night away. We really do miss the nightly fix of live blues music and interaction we all shared while listening to it unfold. It was truly something special and that is the passion that still drives us day in and out!

Thanks for taking a moment with us, we will see you again soon!

Please support your local blues society such as The Golden Gate Blues Society as this is the only way to keep the blues alive. Our venue showcases arts performance in the blues genre every week and there are not that many which can survive these days in the city of San Francisco.

We hope JITB will do the right thing soon but so far no action from their office. Our lawyers continue to be busy and let’s hope we’ll have a break through come this week. Biscuits And Blues needs your suggestions and input on many fronts as we’ll need to rebuild the club moving forward. Anyone with special relevant expertise that can help with our challenges and future recovery please send your suggestions to

Please understand that we are down to one part time employee and the response may not be as quick as we like. If you want to write a letter to the judge or city officials, please do and I'll pass it on.