Paula Harris and Fred Ross w/the Nate Ginsberg Trio

A powerhouse duo of two massive talents Paula Harris & Fred Ross. Paula is a classically trained vocalist who has performed with several symphony orchestras, has an unexpected power, breath control and range that takes most blues audiences by surprise. Fred is an acclaimed vocalist who has performed with icons such as Aretha Franklin.

For this show this dynamic duo teams up with the Nate Ginsberg Trio, An acoustic ensemble of three of the most powerful musicians in Northern California. The result is a bluesy, impudent show that pulls from the Great American songbook, modern jazz, traditional blues. and classic soul, full of provocative lyrics, humor and double entendre. The format makes a deliberate effort to appeal to both jazz and blues enthusiasts, as well as enticing music lovers from more main- stream genres. They blend a wide array of songs together which all fit this “Intersection” of these genres. It’s shocking, downright sexy, and entertaining to be lulled by the beautiful complexity of a jazz ballad then forced into laughter at some of the witty, naughty lyrics from Paula or the interaction between her and Fred. The overall effect is a feeling of entering Paula and Fred’s living room and becoming a guest in their home- complete with all the good natured bickering & razzing each other you would expect from a family- only with outstanding musical talent in the mix as well. It should be noted that all FIVE cast members are “Band Leaders” who have come together to form a very special and unique experience. There is nothing like it anywhere else!

About Paula Harris:

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Paula Harris is best known for her passionate blues performances. She’s made a name for Herself in the genre with multiple blues and music award nominations, airplay on more than 3000 stations worldwide and top honors in the biggest “Battle of the Bands” competition on the Planet, not to mention winning the Monterey Blues Festivals’ “Battle of the Bands” as well. With such a prominent blues presence, many don’t realize her roots are so firmly in jazz or that Paula is a classically trained vocalist who has sung with numerous symphony orchestras.

About Fred Ross:

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Fred is an acclaimed vocalist who has performed with icons such as Aretha Franklin, Pee Wee Ellis, Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley, Tower of Power, Chaka Khan, Frankie Beverly & Maize, Santana, Tommy Igoe and more. Fred made a name for himself and his funky style during his 14 year stint at San Francisco’s “Starlight Room”. With a name so closely associated with hip shaking funk and soul, many don’t realize he can also sing jazz and blues with the top names in the industry.