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Scott Holt
Tuesday, August 4th • 7:30pm & 9:30pm • $15
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There is no question Holt has diversified his pure talent over the course of 7 records and countless miles on the road.  While blues remains at the core of his being, he is evolving as an artist.  His music is a reflection of his own character as both a man and an artist, growing every day.  He reflects, “I am a bluesman through and through, and it is always a part of who I am when recording or performing".  It has been an affirmation over the past year that he plays his songs for audiences and they receive & embrace them as enthusiastically as the music of the Masters that he plays.  Every note that he plays is with all of his heart, and he has never been more confident or honest lyrically.  Scott Holt really shares a special experience with his audiences and recieves such great responses night after night.

The American South has an incredibly rich musical legacy – the genesis of Jazz, cradle of Rock and Roll and birthplace of The Blues. Lanky, tattooed Tennessean, Scott Holt has been a bearer of the Blues torch for his entire career. Born and raised in Tennessee, Texas and Mississippi, Scott was “touring before I was touring! My family moved a lot when I was little so I’ve lived all over the area where my favorite music was born and developed.” After beginning his musical journey relatively late, at 19 years old, Holt jumped on the fast-track by joining his friend and mentor Buddy Guy and playing guitar for 10 years during the most successful period of the Legend’s career.

In addition to his tenure with Buddy and playing on the GRAMMY winning record Slippin’ In, Holt’s 7 solo records’ have established him not only as a six-string powerhouse but also as a penetrating and soulful storyteller. Holt calls it “tapping a frequency-getting to a place where the sounds that my band and I make are warm, human and undisguised by technology.” Through the countless hours and miles on the road, criss-crossing the country, Scott has developed a reputation as one of the most exciting live acts in the world.