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These are our most Frequently asked questions involving tickets & reservations at Biscuits & Blues

What is Opentable and what does it have to do with my concert tickets?

We use the Opentable reservation service as our ticketing system so that way we can guarentee your party members have tickets to the show and are sat together at the same table the evening of the performance. This is the reason we require a credit card to finalize Opentable reservations as you are purchasing concert tickets for the specific evening.

If the show time is listed at a specific time, why can I not select the show time I would like to attend?

Reservation slots are available and can only be made prior to the listed show times, this allows you and your party to be comfortably seated & also order food/drinks before the shows starts promptly at the show time stated! The reservations times are loose, meaning you can arrive any time after the doors open.

Do I need to make table reservations if I have already purchased concert tickets?

No you do not need to make seperate table reservations, you are automatically guarenteed a table & seats based on however many tickets you have purchased.

I entered my credit card info into open table reservations, why have I not been charged for my tickets?

We use your credit card information to hold your tickets/reservation, you will purchase your tickets when you arrive at the box office the evening of the show. This allows you to split the bill, pay cash, or put it on a different card when you arrive at the box office. In the event of a no show you will be charged the full amount of the tickets you have reserved. Party sizes greater than 5 or more people and/or tickets more than $25, please reference the next question.

I thought you used my credit card to hold my tickets, why have I been charged?

For ticket admissions which are greater than $25 and/or for parties larger than 5 or more people we do charge an authorize the card for the full amount of the tickets immediatly. This is our guarentee to you that we will set aside a table for your party size and your guarentee to us that you will be attending the show. Your tickets will be avaialable for pickup the evening of the show at the box office.

I am a large party trying to purchase tickets online, why can't I make my reservation?

We require large parties of 13 or more to call into the box office to verify with the card holder if we have enough space to accomodate your party & that we will charge your credit card immediately for the full amount of all of the tickets you would like to purchase.

I can't see a reservation available for the show I would like to attend, is it sold out?

More than likely not, it is highly suggested to call the box office at (415) 292-2584 if you cannot get a time slot or see any reservations. The box office attendant will be happy to assist you in letting you know if there is still availability for the desired show.

If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to call us at (415) 292-BLUES (2583)