Twice As Good

Blues and Soul dance beats with a touch of screaming guitar and sweet vocals. A blend of Mississippi, Chicago, and California style Blues. Often compared to The Blues Brothers and ZZ Top. Paul is a guitar showman with multiple moves, while Rich is a steady-as-a-rock rhythm man. Winners of the 2010 Blues Album of the Year at the Native American Music Awards; awarded Best New Blues Band by the West Coast Blues Hall of Fame; and their latest CD has been featured on BB King's Bluesville station-SiriusXM. Twice As Good is Paul and Rich Steward, the father and son duo and their 2XG backing band. Rich and Paul are Pomo Indians from Clear Lake, California. Their sound is "the blues band sound you wished you had heard at every blues festival."

Twice As Good, or their acronym 2XG, is the professional name of the music duo formed by Paul Anthony Steward (Son, born 1984) and Richard James Steward (Father, born 1951) from Clearlake Oaks, CA; Pomo Indians of the Elem Indian Colony. Richard had grown up around music all his life, having learned to play guitar and sing Country music from his mom. Growing up he got to hear lots of different kinds of music on the radio, and he mostly admired the Blues & Soul. This was an admiration that he shared with his youngest son, Paul. After leaving the reservation, though still being involved with the tribe, Rich and Paul with a group of extended family faced gripping poverty in relocating to Santa Rosa, but music kept their spirits up. When Paul was a young teenager at 14, Richard taught Paul to play guitar, encouraging him to be a Lead Guitarist. Paul, inspired by B.B. King began imitating the electric blues guitar he heard on the radio and CD's, also practicing his vocals. In May 2003 they debuted as "Twice As Good, 2XG" in Santa Rosa, CA. Since then they have been all over the USA, released 7 albums, gained many awards, stellar newspaper reviews, great reviews in magazines and much more. They continue on with Paul leading the band night after night with fiery tunes, soulful vocals, and a screaming guitar, as Rich lays down that driving rhythm.

The name "Twice As Good" is not a claim of status. To Paul & Rich it is a dedication to hard work and quality of craft; about believing in one's self, not being shy, and having the courage to try something as hard as becoming a successful professional musician. They were once told, "you can't make it in the music business, you got to be twice as good," so they replied, "well all right then. We will be, Twice As Good."

They had played around with various bands in the beginning, gaining exposure and experience, working with an Indian group from Colusa Reservation called “Red Man Blues” that had broken up but in May 2003 they debuted as "Twice As Good, 2XG" at Terry's Southern BBQ in Santa Rosa, CA. From the house parties they went to the clubs. From the clubs they went to the Indian Casinos. Getting a steady gig at River Rock Casino was a large growing point for them. From the casinos they went to the festivals. Being part of the revered Blue Wing Blues Festival 2007 for the first time got them a great magazine interview in News From Native California. From there they took a hot tip from the great Charlie Musselwhite (legendary harmonica player), who heard them playing at River Rock Casino and saluted them, he told them to go to Clarksdale Mississippi. You bet that they were standing at the “Crossroads” in April 2008 for the “Juke Joint Blues Festival.” Following that Blues Trail like the old-timers did, 2XG then traveled North to Chicago and got another big performance in June 2009 at the Chicago Blues Festival after-party, performing with the amazing Johnny B. Gayden on Bass Guitar.

Then back home in California, they were honored by the Bay Area Blues Society at the West Coast Blues Hall of Fame with an award for “Best New Blues Band of 2010” the 1st Native Americans to receive the award. Later in 2010 they continued to garner acclaim and recognition by winning the Last Band Standing Competition at Pala Casino in October. They beat 9 of Southern California's best bands by putting on an awesome show and putting out the Real Deal Blues. Then in November they proudly received the Award "Best Blues Recording 2010" for their album If That's All Right With You, and closed the awards ceremony show in Niagara Falls-NY rockin' the crowd and jamming with award winning actor Wes Studi (star of Geronimo: An American Legend). Onward they continue to spread the sounds of the West Coast Blues with a hint of the Indian Beat. In 2013, with an appearance at the Indian Summer Music Festival in Milwaukee WI they rocked the crowd while playing during a thunder and lightning storm and later that evening took home an Indian Summer Music Award. The summer of 2014, 2XG was honored to perform for the National Museum of the American Indian at both locations New York City and Washington DC; proudly conferring their status as a notable and accomplished Native American musical act. These days you can catch 2XG in their weekly residency performances at Graton Resort & Casino in Rohnert Park CA, or out on their many shows all over the West Coast, with occasional appearances across the country.