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We are first and foremost a true Blues club, specializing in bringing new flavors of the Blues to San Francisco. We are open to all interpretations of the Blues, but tend to aim our focus on Indie Blues acts. Traditional Blues and Rock Blues have been overdone in this day and age and we tend to shy away from these acts. We look for a special & fresh take on the Blues.We do consider other genres such as, Jazz & R&B if the fit is right. If you feel like you or your band could be a great fit for Biscuits & Blues feel free to read on and contact us accordingly.

New Artists

Do not call or send a package to the club unless otherwise requested! Please send an email to our booking agent Steven Suen at and provide your full epk, website, videos of live footage, and a short blurb/description of your band for review. Please click here to see our current venue rider for important talent info.

Returning Artists

Please send us updated pictures, new concert posters, and other promotional material 60 days before your date. Please click here to see our current venue rider listing set times, hospitality guidelines and other important information which may have changed since your last visit.

Technical Specifications

If you are interested in preforming at Biscuits and Blues and would like to know more about our technical specifications, we have created a signal flow diagram of our sound system as well as a technical specifications & equipment list that includes all of our microphones, stands, cables, power amps, board and outboard audio equipment.

Venue Rider

Please read in full & review the Biscuits & Blues Venue Rider before contacting Biscuits & Blues for future & potential bookings. click here to see our current venue rider, which lists set times, hospitality guidelines and other important information.

Promote Yourself

We expect all artists and/or their managment to play an equal part in the promotion of their gigs and performances at Biscuits and Blues. It is imparitive that musical acts do their due diligence in promoting their upcoming gig at Biscuits through emails, social media, word of mouth, press, radio and so many other outlets to ensure your night at Biscuits will be a success. Biscuits and Blues has an in house Marketing & Promotions coordinator that will assist you in your promotional efforts. Please feel free to email & reach out to Nicholas for any help in promoting your show to the Bay Area.

Mail or Email Promo Materials

Please email (preferred) your promotional Materials to or mail them directly to: Biscuits & Blues Attn: Booking Agent EPK
PO Box 965, South San Francisco, CA 94080